Our philosophy, vision and values

Our business strategy is guided by a set of key principles that we feel set us apart from others.

The complete elimination of landfill waste
Helping manufacturers to earn revenue from their unused materials
Working closely with our customers to cut down on costs and reduce their impact on the environment
The responsible and efficient handling of hazardous waste
Generating energy from anything that cannot be recycled
Finding creative ways to recycle waste
Making use of the most modern technology to reduce carbon emissions

Our values

Our goal is to recycle all generated hazardous and non-hazardous waste in the most economical way.
We build and maintain complex waste management systems for our partners according to their special needs.
Our greatest value is our colleagues, our goal is to create and maintain a long-term healthy environment for them, and to ensure their development.
Innovation and the application of the latest technologies in our work and their maintenance through continuous improvement.
We want to provide the greatest value to our partners, thus providing the best service in the long run.