We believe that our people are our greatest resource.

We recruit people that we feel will be right for the company and not just for the work they will start to do. Our aim is to invest in this resource because we know that by developing the skills and experience of our team, we are developing the future competences of the company as a whole.

We give every opportunity to our employees to grow and learn through their work with us,

whether through training, mentoring or offering a varied portfolio of job experience.

Every individual is valued and discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.

We believe that our colleagues should treat each other with the same respect that we extend to our customers.

We encourage a healthy balance between home and work and just as we seek long-term relationships with our partners, we want our people to be happy and proud to work for us.

We are a growing company with a relatively flat hierarchy of authority which we believe helps us maintain a degree of flexibility to respond to change quickly.

We place great emphasis on ensuring that these requirements are taken seriously in every situation.

Health and safety of workers in our industrial environment is paramount.

Everyone in the company is encouraged to contribute to our success

and use their unique viewpoint and expertise to help the company to achieve its goals.

We are equally committed to ensuring that all our workers share the company’s values concerning the protection of our environment.

To achieve this aim, we regularly organise fun and educational activities involving our own teams as well as those of our partners to raise awareness of the need to conserve our natural resources.