Consultation, internal communications

High-level environmental protection and economical operation in one process – with Éltex

We can help you in many different areas:

Coordinate the obligations of companies and institutions to ensure compliance with environmental rules and the all current legal regulations
Develop appropriate action plans
Prepare environmental assessment studies regarding your organisation’s compliance with environmental regulations
Training in environmental regulations for staff involved
Environmental due diligence, data collection, on-site inspections, documentation
Liaison with environmental authorities and provision of relevant data
Organisation and implementation of environmental protection events that can provide value to your PR department.
Provide consultation and advice on the transport of hazardous waste (ADR)

For our partners, our team organises family and quiz days and Earth Day events which:

Help collaboration between management and staff
Help create and establish long-term company loyalty
Help internal communication, especially in the area of environmental protection
Strengthen relationships between employees