Electronic waste

We can handle and recover all types of electronic waste

Whether they are low or high metal containing materials. We deal with everything from the on-site dismantling of complete production lines to the receipt of the smallest microchips.

Media containing sensitive data can be deformed in accordance with the highest security standards and documenting the entire process.

Precious metal content tests are carried out using our own laboratory technology, so we can provide information quickly and accurately, and this ensures that we can buy waste at the highest market price.

Elektronikai hulladék Éltex

Our company is the only company in Hungary and in the region with an R2v3 rating - for building „R” of our Kistarcsa site.

This standard helps our company to monitor and control the disposal of electronic equipment, including the safety of our colleagues working with this type of material. Élex was able to obtain this certificate by introduced a system to ensure the entire waste recovery process, follow health and safety standards and prevent e-waste from being dumped.