We never compromise on Quality

We take quality extremely seriously and set a high standard for ourselves because we understand how important it is to our partners. Moreover, we recognise that a vital element of ensuring high quality is to maintain an ongoing dialogue with our partners. We believe that listening to and adapting to the needs of our partners is the only guarantee of successful long-term cooperation.
In terms of hardware, we believe in investing as much in the quality of waste handling as you do in your production processes. We use only the most reliable and efficient machinery available.
Our commitment to quality in environment management systems is underlined by our certifcation to ISO 14001, the international standard that specifies a process for controlling and improving an organization’s environmental performance.

We aim to meet or exceed the expectations of our partners in our everyday work in order to ensure mutual trust and respect, which is the basis of every good partnership.

We achieve this through:
building a symbiotic relationship with our partners where both sides learn and benefit from their cooperation and being available and ready with a quick response whenever it’s needed
taking part in tenders offered by the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Inspectorate, so that we are always aware of the latest regulations
eliciting regular feedback from our partners on the work of our employees and responding to issues quickly and effectively
investing in high quality equipment and tools that will achieve the efficiency our partners expect
ensuring that our staff have the right mix of skills, abilities and knowledge to deliver a quality service
selection and training of reliable and diligent employees, using the latest techniques and equipment appropriate to their work