Li-ion battery waste

Who we are

The only closed loop Lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Hungary.
Our recycling process can recover up to 95% of all constituent materials found in all chemistries and formats of lithium-ion batteries.
Our technology enables the production of high quality battery materials without using any acids.
Our process significantly reduces CO2 emission, energy consumption, and water usage, and does not produce any landfill waste.
We strive to contribute to a circular economy in a way that is both sustainable and environmentally focused.
Our technology secures supply of lithium-ion battery materials for our partners.
Our R&D team are constantly working on incorporating new methods and improving current processes to ensure our leading position in this rapidly developing market.

What we do


Why we are different from others

Éltex is an innovative, Hungary based waste handling company that entered to the Li-ion battery market in 2018.

We recycle Lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles, consumer electronics, energy storage batteries and manufacturing scraps.

Our primary product is directly rejuvenate battery grade cathode and anode materials at 99.9 percent purity for battery manufacturing, produced at half the cost of raw, virgin material production with less waste and CO2 emissions.

Today most of the Lithium-ion batteries are not recycled. These waste batteries can cause environmental issues impacting health and safety (due to chemical leaching), potential fires and even explosions. Beyond just environmental concerns batteries contain valuable elements such as Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel and Manganese.

Mining capacity today is falling, but the demand of these rare earth metals are increasing. As a result of this process, recycling critical resources is an essential part of creating a circular economy.

The recycling technology of Éltex containts the following innovative steps:
  1. Disassembling of EV batteries to cells
  2. Discharging cells
  3. Shredding cells safely into small pieces
  4. Recovery of valuable metals (Copper and Aluminum) by separating them from battery materials
  5. Regaining of black mass to sell as product or provide as reusable raw material in tolling

Éltex battery recycling methods can recycle all current battery chemistries as well as manufacturing scrap.