Our story

The history of Éltex
  • Future

    Our aim is to become a leading enterprise in Europe. On this journey, we continuously focus on our aims: to completely eliminate waste to landfill through the use of creative and innovative handling and recycling methods and to create complete customer satisfaction that will last far into the future.

  • Foundation

    Zoltan Vass and Peter Vermes Snr. – entrepreneurs from two traditionally environmentally-conscious families established the Éltex company with just seven employees. Their main target was to create value out of materials that people considered as waste, and to share the profit with their partners.

  • Development

    By 1996, employee numbers had multiplied and the first foreign plant was opened. The dedicated work of our colleagues helped Éltex Kft become a leading player of the waste management market by the turn of the century.

  • Development

    Peter Vermes, the son of one of the founders, joined the company in 2004, lending new dynamism to the firm.

  • Today

    Today, Éltex Kft is the largest employer in this sector in the country. Presently, Éltex International employs a wide range of staff from lower skilled workers to very highly qualified experts. The management has recruited and trained this loyal employee base and it is now able to serve </br>over 500 companies all over Europe.

A few things we are proud of:

Continuous development, innovation
As a result of the hard work by our expanding team, we were already one of the leading companies in the waste-handling market by the year 2000. Éltex is now the largest waste-handling operator in Hungary, in terms of employee numbers.
Our great team
In the 20 years since we started the business we have built up an unrivaled team of managers and workers who serve the needs of over 500 companies in Hungary and beyond.
Social empowerment
Éltex is proud to take part in initiatives that reinforce social empowerment. We also support charities. We believe very much in finding new, better solutions to problems and therefore have working relationships with a number of universities and research laboratories with whom we work to find innovative and more effective ways of solving our partners’ problems.
We love what we do
That’s why we do it. We feel that we have something to contribute which is useful not only to our partners but to the environment in which we all live.