More than of protecting the environment

Éltex - The recycling company

Working towards
a waste-free future

Today Éltex Kft. is one of the market leading waste handling company in Hungary.

ÉLTEX has played an important role in the Hungarian waste market since it was first established and has since expanded operations into many other European countries. Our main activities include the handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, transportation, waste sorting and finding markets for recycled materials.
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Our aim is to eliminate landfill
through innovation.

Recycle - reuse - recover 100%
Landfill 0%
We don’t believe in waste. We believe in recovering the value from superfluous materials and sharing that value with our customers.

One of the things that makes us different is that we’re not just an ‘add-on’ service. We’ll sit down with you and design our sorting and disposal systems around yours.

How can we help?

We have long realised that there is a huge amount of material that previously ended up in landfill and which actually holds immense value.

Smart manufacturers also accept that planning the production process to enable the separation of material for the selective collection of waste not only raises the quality of the operation from an environmental protection point of view, but also maximises the ability to create value and helps cut production costs.
Complex waste recycling
Safe and economical transport
Complex waste collection, handling and treatment
Modern waste-collection and treatment machinery incorporated into the production process
Planning and implementing a comprehensive selective waste management system

Our services

When you know a little more about us, you’ll see we can do a lot more than simply handle your waste materials.

Waste management

We can recycle 100% of what would normally be considered waste. We don’t believe in waste. We believe in recovering the value from superfluous materials and sharing that value with our customers.

Hazardous waste

We handle the sorting, storage, transportation and disposal of all kinds of dangerous waste materials. Eltex experts can advise on how dangerous waste materials can be kept to a minimum and can develop systems integrated into the manufacturing process that will responsibly store, transport and dispose of such materials responsibly.

Electronic waste

We can handle and recover all types of electronic waste. Whether they are low or high metal containing materials.


We transport hazardous waste quickly and securely with complete documentation that is with full compliance to the local laws and regulations. 24-hour duty system on every day of the year.

Consultation, internal communications

High-level environmental protection and economical operation in one process – with Éltex. We organise events to promote communication.


We work closely with our customers to integrate our waste-handling systems into the manufacturing work flow.

Li-ion battery waste

Our services cover the entire life cycle of battery waste. We are able to domestically and internationally transport, process, re-use and recycle Li-ion batteries in all stages of waste/product.