New milestone in waste recycling

New milestone in waste recycling

We are proud that we managed to conclude the negotiations with the waste concessionaire MOHU MOL and sign a contract.

We have high expectations regarding the operation of the new centralised waste management system, where the concessionaire MOHU MOL organises and controls the waste management and waste utilisation systems operating in Hungary.

During the work of MOHU MOL, the long-term interests will take preference over the fragmented, possibly short-term financial interests represented by many small companies.

One of the important principles of MOHU MOL is that it is unethical to blame the shortcomings, insufficient attention, or short-term financial gain of previously operating systems on the future generation, and that the maximum amount of waste must be returned to the production processes, into the circular economy..

“We did not inherit Planet Earth from our fathers, but borrowed it from our grandchildren.”