35th Hungarian National Individual Squash Championship (June 3-4, 2023)

35th Hungarian National Individual Squash Championship (June 3-4, 2023)

The 35th national individual squash championship was held last weekend in the Aktív Squash Club in Budapest. The champions of the past years defended their title in 2023 as well, Chukwu Hannah and Balázs Farkas were able to stand on the top step of the podium again.

The junior competitors also performed very well this year, they did well in the competitions. We hope that next year even more people will present themselves in the adult field.

The final result for women:

  1. Chukwu Hannah
  2. Kiss-Máté Csenge
  3. Szécsi-Páj Linda
  4. Juhász Nóri

For men:

  1. Farkas Balázs
  2. Simon Dániel
  3. Takács Benedek
  4. Kamocsai Bendegúz
  5. Nagy Simon
  6. Szebeni Péter

Congratulations to the winners!

The main sponsor of Balázs Farkas, who is on the top step of the podium, has been the Éltex Environmental Protection and Waste Utilization company for several years now, and our company also supports the development of Simon Nagy, who has already managed to reach 5th place this year.

Squash is a fast, healthy sport that requires good decisions and endurance. These adjectives also apply to Éltex’s activities – this is also an important reason why we support and will support this excellent sport and the development of youth and junior age groups. We believe that the support, development and education of the junior age group for a healthy lifestyle is the key to the future.

Our company carries out environmental protection and waste management activities in more than 23 locations in Hungary. Our goal is to completely avoid landfilling (Zero Waste To Landfill) and to re-use the excess materials generated during industrial production as fully as possible, and return them to the economic cycle as secondary raw materials. This way, we help protect the environment and we are able to reduce the ecological footprint in the entire region.